Daniel Miller creates generative forms that use an array of technologies, integrating code and mechanical form to investigate space, ecology and the contemporary landscape. His projects have been investigating various ecologies and our relationship to the environment and landscape. This artwork creates points of access where the viewer can contemplate on their surroundings. Through the use of electronic media Miller is able to explore the multidimensional landscape.  With the use of motion, light and sound he is able to activate space and engage the viewer’s senses in a dynamic way.

Incorporating contemporary mechanical & digital technologies allows Daniel Miller’s ideas to interface the physical world in real time. Time is an essential component in his work. Through the use of code he is able to sequence and control timing of events in his artwork. Miller’s artwork reflects the fact that we live in a transitional environment. The machines used in his artwork act as surrogate performers allowing him to investigate durational compositions.   In his current work Miller is exploring the flow of different materials through various systems and the metaphors that can be explored in these processes.  This work looks at the body and its internal movements.   Miller considers the parallels between these intimate and internal systems and the very large macro systems found in environmental processes.