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  Receptive Field 2022     






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Watching a child being monitored on twenty EEG probes overnight makes one keenly aware of the sensitivity and complexly of the human brain. Every cough, footstep and door creek registers in the readings. Inspired by this experience, “Receptive Field” looks to make this interaction available to gallery participants. In the space, a large hollow acrylic brain made from over 100 layers is illuminated with individually addressable LEDs. The light activity is driven by sound, optical distance sensing and a passive state that mimics various states of consciousness and dreaming. Daniel Miller has worked with professors in neuro-science to inform the project and develop the patterns of light within this illuminated mind. The dynamic colors and patterns are inspired by f-MRI brain imaging. The brain model is based on a composite of real 3D brain scans provided by the Iowa Neurological Institute.

This project has been funded by Iowa Neurological Institute at the University


Dimensions (full piece): 

Centimeters: 99 depth x 80 width x 142.25 height 

Inches: 39 depth x 31.5 width x 56 height  


Materials List: Receptive Field is made from acrylic sheet, aluminum, stainless fasteners, individually addressable LEDs, Arduino Mega controllers, Arduino Promicro, sound sensors, Garmin LIDAR-Lite Optical Distance LED sensors, custom electronics, wire and DC power supply.