Floodwaters, 2018    




We are witnessing the environmental effects of climate change in unprecedented ways.  Floodwaters focuses on the rising waters that have become a way of life in many communities worldwide. Robotic systems and natural materials converge to activate a miniature landscape.  This work explores the failure of the engineered landscape.  The central feature of this project is a riverbed that is manipulated by various robotic processes to mimic different flooding scenarios.  

Currently on view is the first completed stage of the Floodwaters Project.  It is intended that this project will evolve and additional elements will be added to this experience.

Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, plywood, sand, gravel, polycarbonate, water, stepper motors, linear servo motors, water pump, vinyl tubing, HDPE plastic sheeting, plastic tube, Arduino Pro-mini’s, wiring, power supplies and various other electronics.

Dimensions: 10ft L x 4ft W x 5ft H

Floodwaters has been funded by an Art and Humanities Initiative Grant from the University of Iowa.