Installation detail of Bat-Bots, 2015    

Bat-Bot 1

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Bat-Bots, seeks to make the inaudible, audible, forming a responsive system that creates a generative sound space.  The Bat-Bots in this installation use distance sensors to detect participants walking through a space.  As the Bat-Bots detect the presence of a person they emit recorded tracks of echolocations that vary as a person walks closer. In an earlier project a bat house that used scanning heterodyne sensors inside its roof recorded bat echolocations.  The 5-second echolocation recordings were stored in a hard drive.  Now the Bat bots will express these recordings through this interactive sound sculpture. Nine Bat-bots will be created for this installation.  Built from CNC plasma cut steel and 3D printed ABS plastic each Bat-Bots consist of a distance sensor connected to a microcontroller that controls the audio playback from a micro SD card.  Each Bot will has an amplifier and speakers to emit its selection of tracks based on the distance to a person in the space.  The bots will be installed along the wall and ceiling of a space or corridor.  Together these bat bots will create an immersive and generative sound composition.


There are 5 Bat Bots, each Bat Bot is made from: CNC plasma cut steel, ABS plastic, distance sensor, custom built microcontroller, micro SD card player, amplifier, speakers, power supply, electrical wire, steel cable.

Dimensions: Individual Bat Bot: 5"L x 12"W x 6"H, Installation dimensions can vary - with an ideal space of 15'L x 15'W x 10'H.